Country bathroom cabinet

Living in today's fast-paced world, we always seek ways to feel relaxed as we go home at the end of a stressful day. We redecorate our homes to remind us of the warm, refreshing feeling of the country. There are many ways of experiencing the country feel in our homes. One of them is installing country bathrooms vanities. The soothing soft tones of light blue, old rose and gray constitute the palette of country design, although contemporary country design has darker shades and some red and black accents. Still, both designs are just as homey and inviting.

Wood cabinets are painted with bare wood finish or white wash, for distressed look. These storage pieces are often found under the sink, but some may be mounted on the wall. For accent, you may also add moulding strips or raised panels to the cabinets. To complete the look, install cabinet knobs and drawer pulls in rustic patterns.

An example of a country bathroom vanity is a rust-colored marble backsplash atop a rustic cabinet, and mirror with matching wood frame. Aside from marble, you may also use light-colored granite or mosaic tiles in earth tones as countertop. Usually, a white ceramic washbasin is used. Nevertheless some contemporary designs now use colored ceramic sinks and, for a few, chrome.

Other bathroom essentials must also blend with the vanity. To keep toiletries and towels, you may include a wall shelf made of wrought iron or nickel, painted off-white or light gray. To hang towels, you may also add round towel holders, a towel rail stand, or some simple wooden pegs. A soaker tub is also another country bathroom essential. Remember to use a darker shade for the walls. You can find a color from the prints of the curtain or rug, and use that for the wall. Or you can use wallpaper in country designs. For the floor, you may use wood laminate. Nevertheless avoid getting the floor soaked, as water may see through the laminate and cause it to warp. If the floors tend to be more wet than normal, it is better to use tiles.

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