Bathroom cabinet styles

Bathroom cabinets are as essential to the design and function of a bathroom as the appliances. Bathroom cabinets provide countertop space, a home for your bathroom sink and storage space for towels and other necessities. Its important to have a place for everything in your bathroom, and having the right bathroom cabinets can make all the difference. Before you buy new bathroom cabinets, you’ll need to make a few important decisions. First you’ll need to decide what width of bathroom cabinet you’ll need. Bathroom cabinets are available in widths from 18 inches to 48 inches with increments between.

Bathroom cabinet styled is an important consideration. Closing bathroom cabinets include bathroom vanity cabinets, wall cabinets, recessed bathroom cabinets and medicine cabinets. Open shelving bathroom cabinets are helpful for storing items you use a lot, like towels. Over the counter bathroom cabinets are used to save space in the bathroom and create more storage. Linen closets, towers with baskets, built-in closets and freestanding bathroom cabinets provide excellent storage for bathroom items.

Bathroom cabinet tabletops can be purchased in several different styles. They are available in laminates, ceramic tile, wood, stone, granite or composite materials. Each bathroom cabinet tabletop type has certain advantages. Laminates, composite materials and stainless steel are most susceptible to scratches, t can be repaired very easily. Stone bathroom countertops are durable; however they stain easily and can be expensive. Ceramic tiled is a common bathroom cabinet tabletop. It is very durable, and you can also select from a wide variety of sizes, colors and textures. The grout used on ceramic tiles, however, is prone to stains. Granite tops can now be purchased in pre-made sizes, and contribute to dress up the bathroom. Finally, wood surfaces on bathroom cabinet tabletops is very attractive but can mildew easily if not maintained properly.

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