Simple bathroom remodeling

What do you want from your bathroom? Do you want it to be more than clinically cold and merely functional? The trend today is towards making bathrooms a warm, friendly place to be, a place where you don't mind spending a fair amount of time in. Let's face it, we all have to use the bathroom sooner or later and it's probably the most used room in the house. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom you should try to provide an experience for the users of the room and that includes yourself. Try to think beyond the simple utility of being a place to wash in.

How ambitious is your bathroom-remodeling project? When you remodel your bathroom a lot will depend on how much space you have available and how extensive you want your bathroom remodel to be. When I remodeled my bathroom it all started because I dropped something into the bathtub and cracked it. That meant that the bath had to be replaced but I could have stopped there instead of taking the opportunity to replace everything, rearrange the bathroom and add a shower cubicle. Oh yes and I spent a lot of money too.

You don't have to be that ambitious While your bathroom fittings are in working order you don't need to replace them. There is a lot you can do by adding storage space to get things off the floor, replace some tiling that may have seen better days. Giving the place a simple coat of paint can work wonders also. Even if you do need to replace some items like I did then replacing it with a similar item in the same position can be a lot cheaper than a full blown remodel.

How about a few plants? If you have the space in your bathroom you might like to add a few pot plants here and there. They can hide the more drab aspects of your bathroom and provide a point of interest for any one using the room. Some people like to talk to plants but don't like others to know that they do so being alone in a bathroom with some nice plants can be very therapeutic.

Think about the lighting : Lighting can make a big difference and adding some nice warm, soothing light that makes you feel cosy and at home can enhance your experience of the bathroom in a very subtle and pleasant way.

Keep it clean and shiny : Often all the bathroom needs is a good clean. Polish the metal work in the room, the faucets and towel rails etc. Make sure that you remove all the lime scale that has built up over the years. Clean the tiles on the walls so that they gleam like new. Do all this and keep it all clean by going over it once a week. It could make your bathroom look as good as if you'd done a complete bathroom remodel. It's also quicker, a lot less stressful and will save you loads of money.

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