Small Kitchen Renovation

When considering a renovation for a small kitchen, the first goal is to make use of all the space available. It really doesn't matter how big or small a kitchen may be, it's going to be a focal point of the house. You cook, eat and visit in kitchens. Renovations should always bear in mind the need to create as much working and visiting space as possible given the space limitations. There are lots of ways to improve a small kitchen through careful design and appliance choices. Everything from cabinets to countertops to space saving storage solutions can all be used to maximize space usage. You want to make sure there's no wasted space:
• Hang cabinets from the ceiling
• Buy built-in appliances
• Run countertop wherever possible
• Use storage hooks for large items like pots
• Install cabinet organizers to utilize all space
• Hang small appliances beneath cabinets to save counter space
• Build an eating nook to save floor space
Of course, renovating your small kitchen also means taking advantage of proper lighting. You can choose lighting that creates a sense of space for example and lighter colors for paint or stains. Another renovation for a small kitchen is to "bump out" the kitchen room. In other words, you add square footage to the kitchen room. If your kitchen is on an outside wall (which most are), you could remove part of a wall and extend the kitchen. The L-shape this might create on the back of the house could be perfect for a patio or outside eating area. Naturally, this renovation option will be more expensive than simply remodeling the current kitchen space. When you decide it's time to renovate a small kitchen, let your creative juices flow. You can hire a contractor who can give you great ideas for maximizing your kitchen space. Or you can do many of the renovation suggestions on your own. A small kitchen doesn't have to be cluttered and lacking character. In fact, a small kitchen can be an interesting and warm room that also meets all your practical needs.
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