Shower Door Types

There are 5 key designs of shower doors and there are variations on which manufacturers supply them. Manufacturers provide left and right options where appropriate, also door height measurements, also take care to identify whether the glazing is toughened safety glass or acrylic. All doors and door frames are manufactured using high precision assembly jigs and can therefore only be made perfectly square and true. If after installation the door either catch, fail to close properly or appear twisted this is due to the frame not being installed squarely or the shower tray not being level. Most door designs have some adjustment which may compensate if the shower tray and/or tray are slightly out of line, however, if this is insufficient the unit must be re-fitted correctly.

Pivot Door A pivot door swings on two pins, that located within the top and bottom of the frame at two fixed points. Pivot doors can be used within conjunction with side panels and infill panels. When space is the problem then one of your best options is to use this kind of door and the door folds in so there is no space needed for the door to open out. This option can be used with side panels and infills also.

Hinged Or Frameless Swing Door Hinged doors still require a frame but the door is a pure glass panel of between 5 & 10mm thick. Hinged doors provide a wider opening, and are ideal to fit across an alcove or in a corner with a matching side panel. They are a luxury product with high aesthetic appeal.

Swing Fold, In-slide Or Fold In Door The in-swing door; is a full size door that swings into the shower enclosure giving maximum access capability yet ideal for installations where space is a premium and you do not want the shower door opening into the shower room. Note the carrying or swing arm that is located on the top and bottom of the door, this folds in such a way so as to leave the access to the shower enclosure free of instruction.

Sliding Door The sliding door is usually fitted on the larger oblong type shower trays and can range from 1200mm - 1600mm long. The door gives maximum access without requiring clearance space within the enclosure or the shower room.
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