Luxury Bathroom Vanities - Finding Your Elegance

Luxury bathroom vanities are truly a sight to behold. These immediately demand attention as the main highlight or centerpiece of the room which is why you need to know the right style and type that fits your taste and budget. There are several features that define luxury and the vanity may come with a reflection of the old days or a touch of the modern era.

How Luxurious Can You Get? Your luxury bathroom vanity may be subjective in the sense that you are in control of how you define luxurious. The main idea is that you create a sense of elegance, style and comfort unlike traditional ones can convey. You can first choose whether you want a contemporary design or the old-fashioned look. It's easy to present luxury through old items like antiques and hand-carved models. These immediately show the rustic and aged uniqueness of the bathroom vanity. Older types invest a lot in stone and wood. Newer models use a lot of stainless steel and bright stone colors. Gold and silver are very common since these provide luster and sleekness. Luxury bathroom vanities also tend to have more to show generosity in space and function. Double sinks, multiple bowls and several drawers and cabinets are frequently seen in most models. You may want to choose a large-sized vanity which tends to overwhelm the bathroom as the main centerpiece. Be careful that it doesn't make the room seem too small in effect. Lighting is important to consider as well since overcast shadows might reduce the visual size of the room. A large mirror will help create an illusion of more space. Most experts recommend that the vanity mirror should be larger than the vanity itself to add more light and control color.

The Details Detail is very important in luxury bathroom vanities since appearance is one of your primary concerns. You may want to work with classy materials like marble, granite and glass. Try to use two or more colors for a dramatic effect. Work with the natural colors of the stones and make a stark contrast to bring out the details of the vanity such as brass or hand-carved pulls, knobs, faucets and a mosaic mirror. The vanity top should be eye-catching and dominating so it is recommended to pick a material and color that will become the main tone for the entire room.

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