Heated Towel Rails Take The Chill Off

During winter the coldest room in the house is usually the bathroom, there is an easy and surprisingly inexpensive way to make winter more comfortable and luxurious. Consider exchanging your standard towel rails for heated towel warmers (should read "rails"); if placed on a heated towel rail before a shower or bath a dry towel provides that added comfort of being warm and inviting on an icy winter morning. Operating a heated towel rail is little more effort than running a lamp, the heated towel rails are either connected directly into the heating system or can be run independently using electricity.

Leading manufacturers of heated towel rails, Bathroom Butler, realised that a one-size-fits-all approach was not appropriate and have designed five heated towel rail collections to suit the diverse needs of interior designers, architects and homeowners alike. The Natural, Loft, Soho and newly introduced Cubic, Contour and Edge collections match form with function and provide unique, contemporary solutions for all d├ęcor schemes.

All six collections feature dry element technology (DET) and are constructed using a patented method that involves laser cutting technology. DET consists of a heating wire that is threaded through the towel rail bars as opposed to wet element technology (WET), which incorporates water filled bars. DET is more cost effective as it utilizes less power. DET towel rails are easier to install because there are less parts to assemble and the units are lighter due to there being no fluid inside the towel rails. Furthermore, no welding is required due to Bathroom Butler's patented method of construction and use of laser tube technology.
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