Country Shower Curtains Easy New Looks

The bathroom is a much-overlooked room in our homes. Most of us start and end our day in the bathroom; we rev up in the mornings, and calm down for the night's sleep. A bathroom with a clean, fresh, simple decor can improve our mornings and nights, and by doing so, affect everything in between. Country shower curtains are a particularly useful item of decor when considering a change in the look of your bathroom. You can find country themes in a variety of colors and designs, making it easy to match the existing bathroom elements. Shower curtains are relatively inexpensive, especially when considering the cost of a new tub, vanity or tile. You can even change them with the season. Imagine having the look of changing leaves in the Fall, and blooming flowers in the Spring!

You can even buy special country shower curtains for individual holidays. A scarecrow theme will make Halloween more fun; St. Nick by the hearth brings home the feel of a country Christmas. Easter can bring chicks, baby rabbits, and brightly colored eggs. Because curtains are so affordable, you can change them as often as you like. Whenever you are looking to buy country shower curtains, make sure you take a few things into consideration before you go shopping. Take a look at the colors that currently dominate in your bathroom (without the shower curtain, of course). You can choose to match these colors, or complement them with an accent color.

You should also consider materials. Cloth curtains give an authentic country feel, but they can get damp. You should purchase a clear or neutral liner to use with them, or a liner in a matching or complementary color. It is also helpful to put cloth curtains in the washing machine every so often, to prevent any mildew from forming. Vinyl curtains are often less expensive, easier to maintain, and don't require a liner. Great country designs can be found in vinyl, and they fit well with a busy lifestyle and a high-traffic bathroom. They are especially nice for a children's bathroom, where water tends to splash outside the tub a lot! So, when you are looking at your bathroom and wishing for a change, consider a country theme. You can try out the feel of a peaceful, rural look easily and inexpensively just by changing the shower curtain. Who knows, it might just be the first step in a whole new look!
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